Toyota’s Innovative Dealer Environmental Excellence Program

Toyota’s Dealership Environmental Excellence Program (D.E.E.P.) is a voluntary initiative to reduce the environmental impact from our North American dealerships. D.E.E.P. provides an easy-to-implement process for automotive dealerships to reduce energy and water use, carbon emissions and operational costs. It provides technical assistance to Toyota dealerships and recognizes them for positive environmental performance as well as local community outreach. Participating dealerships can earn up to five stars across several categories by tracking environmental performance data and implementing improvement projects, then achieving minimum performance benchmarks that are aligned with the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050.


60 Toyota and 5 Lexus dealers are participating in D.E.E.P.1


Cumulatively, 2 participating dealers have:

  • Saved 6,723 MWh of energy
  • Avoided 3,675 metric tons CO2e, which is the equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from the annual electricity use of 711 homes.3
  • Saved 73.8 million gallons of water

1. As of October 2023

2. Cumulative data are from April 2021 (when D.E.E.P. launched) to October 2023

3. https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator


There are 65 Toyota and Lexus dealers participating in D.E.E.P. across the U.S. Toyota is actively inviting more North American dealerships to enter the program to help us deliver on our commitment to improve the environmental impacts of our dealer sales operations and drive positive impacts for society.