Greater efficiency

As of 2012, Toyota is the most fuel-efficient full-line automotive manufacturer. 7 We accomplish this not only by using some of the latest engine technologies, but also by examining every aspect of every car we build. Electric Power Steering on vehicles like Corolla, RAV4 and Camry, for example, reduces load on the engine, which reduces fuel consumption and gets rid of the pump belt and hydraulic lines.


Fuel efficient vehicles

Learn more about Toyota’s most fuel-efficient vehicles. Below is a list of the cars, minivans, trucks, SUVs and crossovers that get at least an EPA-estimated 20 MPGs (combined):

YarisVenzaCorollaHighlanderMatrixCamry HybridCamryAvalon HybridAvalonRAV4 EVSiennaHighlander HybridTacoma Double CabPriusTacoma Access CabPrius cTacoma Regular CabPrius Plug-InRAV4Prius v


Now and in the future

When compared to the average car, Prius alone has saved American consumers more than an estimated 1.4 billion gallons of gas, $3.8 billion in fuel costs, and 20.5 million tons of CO2 emissions. But we're only just beginning. In 2010, Toyota partnered with Tesla Motors, based in Palo Alto, California, to create electric vehicles (EVs) like the Toyota all-electric SUV: RAV4 EV. And in 2015, we'll introduce a fuel cell vehicle, which will rely solely on batteries and hydrogen, with zero emission water vapor as exhaust.


Reduced drag

Another reason cars like Avalon, Camry and Prius get exceptional mileage is their aerodynamic efficiency. The less wind drag a vehicle creates, the less power it takes to push it through the air, which means less fuel is consumed. The original Prius is one of the most aerodynamic production cars in the world, with a drag coefficient of just 0.25 – that’s better than just about any car you can name. And while Prius is the most aerodynamic car we build, the Prius c is also a class leader, with a 0.28 drag coefficient.


The Fuel Economy Label

This interactive guide will help you to understand the EPA Fuel Economy Label. Select an engine type from the menu below, then rollover the information on the label to learn more.

Rollover to explore EPA label

  1. MSRP excludes the Delivery, Processing and Handling Fee of $885 for Cars, $960 for Small/Medium Trucks (Sienna, RAV4 Gas, RAV4 Hybrid, Highlander Gas, Highlander Hybrid, 4Runner and Tacoma), $1,195 for Large SUVs (Sequoia, Land Cruiser), and $1,195 for Large Truck (Tundra). (Historically, vehicle manufacturers and distributors have charged a separate fee for processing, handling and delivering vehicles to dealerships. Toyota's charge for these services is called the "Delivery, Processing and Handling Fee" and is based on the value of the processing, handling and delivery services Toyota provides as well as Toyota's overall pricing structure. Toyota may make a profit on the Delivery, Processing and Handling Fee.) Excludes taxes, license, title and available or regionally required equipment. The Delivery, Processing and Handling Fee in AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, OK, SC and TX will be higher. Actual dealer price will vary.
  2. 2016 EPA-estimated city/highway mileage. Actual mileage will vary.
    2017 EPA-estimated city/highway mileage. Actual mileage will vary.
  3. EPA-estimated driving range 103 miles when vehicle is fully charged. Excludes driving conditions. Actual mileage will vary.
  4. 2014 EPA-estimated mpg equivalent. Actual mpge will vary based on driving habits, charging practice, battery age, weather, temperature and road/traffic conditions. Battery capacity will decrease with time and use. For more information on mpge and range, please see
  5. 2016 EPA-estimated 67 city/67 highway/67 combined MPGe for Mirai and 312-mile driving range. Actual mileage will vary. Range measurement pursuant to SAE J2601 standards (ambient temperature: 20°C; hydrogen tank pressure when fueled: 70 MPa). Fueling time varies with hydrogen fueling pressure and ambient temperature.
  6. 2014 EPA-estimated 51 city/49 highway/50 combined mpg estimates for Prius Plug-in. Actual mileage will vary.
  7. Based on NHTSA Final Industry MY10 CAFE data for Toyota Motor Sales.