TTEN: Toyota, Scion, Lexus -- Technician Development
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Program Description
T-TEN is a world class training program with the ultimate goal of training and placing Toyota and Lexus certified technicians in a dealership position.

T-TEN provides options. It offers different program choices ranging from a two-year associate degree to certificate options. Students can select the option that fits their needs, lifestyle and career goals.

T-TEN Program options are as follows:

  • Two-Year Associate Degree - Students combine automotive technology instruction with general education courses to earn an A.A. degree. This provides the highest long-term earning potential among T-TEN programs.

  • Two-Year Certificate - This program focuses on automotive technology skills and does not require general education courses.

  • Professional Certificate - This certificate is aimed at students with automotive repair experience or training who want to transition to a Toyota or Lexus dealership. While total time commitment may vary, this program can be as short as one semester and is often provided at night, allowing a normal work schedule.

To investigate which program and school is right for you, click on the school locator tab above. You'll find links to schools that will show you the programs and courses offered. You will also find an e-mail for a contact person at the school who can answer your questions and put you on the path to enrolling and succeeding in T-TEN.