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2018 New Toyota SUVs

$41,445 as shown1
$34,610 starting msrp1
$41,445 as shown
17/21 est. mpg2
4Runner, Toyota's legendary mid-size 4wd SUV, offers an available V6 and comes in three trim levels: SR5, Trail and Limited.
$84,315 as shown1
Land Cruiser
$84,315 starting msrp1
$84,315 as shown
13/18 est. mpg2
Land Cruiser is Toyota's original SUV, a V8 that combines legendary off-road capability with 8-passenger luxury.
$56,895 as shown1
$48,400 starting msrp1
$56,895 as shown
13/17 est. mpg2
Sequoia is a full-size SUV that's perfect for any family adventure. Three trim levels are available: SR5, Limited and Platinum.
$28,895 as shown1
$24,510 starting msrp1
$28,895 as shown
23/30 est. mpg2
With the RAV4, versatile seating is just the beginning. Get a sleek, crossover SUV that seamlessly combines technology and practicality for an amazing ride that’s ready for anything.
$34,130 as shown1
RAV4 Hybrid
$27,235 starting msrp1
$34,130 as shown
34/30 est. mpg2
RAV4 Hybrid, Toyota's compact crossover SUV, adds extra thrills with 194 net horsepower, outstanding acceleration and great fuel economy.
$41,550 as shown1
$31,030 starting msrp1
$41,550 as shown
21/27 est. mpg2
With seating for 8, plus innovative safety features, a powerful engine and the latest technology, this mid-size SUV lets you enjoy the ride no matter where you’re going.
$48,280 as shown1
Highlander Hybrid
$36,670 starting msrp1
$48,280 as shown
30/28 est. mpg2
Highlander Hybrid is the SUV that's thought of everything, including two hybrid models with EV mode.