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TRD Pro Series

For the Road Never Traveled

Adventure is out there, hidden beyond where the road ends. And the best way to uncover it is with the highly capable TRD Pro Series that brings the toughness you need to conquer the off-road.

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Leave limits in the dust.

Each rig has the same proven engineering that’s fueled adventures all over the globe. 4Runner TRD Pro is built to claw through challenging terrain and help you explore those places not found on a map. Tacoma TRD Pro brings the action to even the muddiest, most remote corners of the Earth. Sequoia TRD Pro lets you take up to seven passengers farther off the beaten path than ever before. And the king-size Tundra TRD Pro is as comfortable blasting over sand dunes as it is towing your boat.



True Icons of the Off-Road

A Lineup That Knows No Limits

Sequoia TRD Pro

Sequoia TRD Pro’s FOX® shocks and forged-aluminum BBS® wheels help ensure this full-size SUV has the goods to go beyond where the pavement ends.

4Runner TRD Pro

From hauling your gear to crawling rocks, the 4Runner TRD Pro is ready to impress. And when your adventures need to go to the next level, its TRD-tuned FOX® shocks and front springs will help you get there, and back.

Tacoma TRD Pro

Forge your own path and seek out tougher roads. Multi-Terrain Select (MTS), Crawl Control (CRAWL) and Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) ensure no trail is left unchallenged.

Tundra TRD Pro

With its tuned FOX® suspension, aluminum skid plate, forged BBS® wheels and more, this truck is ready to take you to places you never thought possible.