TTEN: Toyota, Scion, Lexus -- Technician Development
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T-TEN is a world-renowned technical training program with a proven record of placing thousands of Toyota and Lexus certified technicians in well-paid dealership positions.

Toyota, Lexus and Scion dealerships across the country need well-trained technicians to keep up with the demands of their service departments. Toyota created T-TEN to help aspiring technicians get the training they need to quickly fill those positions and begin interesting and rewarding careers.

T-TEN is a partnership among Toyota, community colleges and vocational schools, and Toyota and Lexus dealerships across the country. Together, they provide state-of-the-art automotive training in both a classroom and dealership setting. As a T-TEN student, you will learn-and earn-in a supportive environment while receiving instruction from factory-trained teachers and guidance from dealership mentors. You will graduate from the program with the confidence, skills and certifications needed to launch yourself on a challenging and profitable career.
Some highly skilled and highly motivated Toyota and Lexus technicians earn more than $71,000 each year. (Source: NADA)
The employment outlook for Toyota and Lexus dealerships is good. (Source: Toyota)
T-TEN students work at dealerships with the support of a Toyota mentor and other team members.
Toyota and Lexus are technology trailblazers.