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Welcome to the After the Nudge Podcast

Join Soledad O'Brien and J.R. Smith as they sit down with community leaders to talk about how a simple nudge from Toyota boosted their momentum, amplified their movements and pushed them to greater heights. This limited series podcast features some of the most dynamic grassroots leaders in the nation.

Our Hosts

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Soledad O'Brien is an award-winning broadcast journalist and executive producer, whose work has reached millions of viewers world wide over her 30 plus year career.

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J.R. Smith is a former NBA player and two time world champion. After his basketball career, he enrolled at North Carolina A&T where he has become an advocate for Historically Black Colleges and Universities.


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Willie Buie
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Tori Cole
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Demetrius Harris
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Chi Loek
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Dr. Khalid
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Siddeeqah Shabazz
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Paulana Lamonier
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