Interior view of a car dashboard

Drive Safely With Hands-Free Calling and Car Navigation

In today’s high-tech world, checking our phones and devices has become second nature. So much so, that removing ourselves from technology for a drive is harder than ever. Most people know it’s not safe to drive while holding and interacting with our phones, but itch for a look or two. So what should one do? How do you stay connected safely while driving? The answer: car navigation systems and calling features like Bluetooth® hands-free.

Built-in navigation systems are now common even in economic models. It used to be that navigation systems and calling features were not standard. They were high-tech gadgets reserved for more expensive car trims. Over time, built-in navigation has become more affordable and accessible.

Read on to learn how navigation and hands-free calling can make your life easier and keep you safe behind the wheel.

Close-up of car navigation display

Car Navigation System and Hands-Free Calling

The variety of navigation systems and features can make it difficult to know what you should get. Many phones have a navigation system, so why would you want built-in navigation, too? Well, there are a few practical answers to this question.

Reliability is one reason. An in-car navigation system may offer a stronger GPS signal than most phones. This means your car's GPS may still have signal when your cell keeps going in and out.

Convenience is another benefit. Voice activation and other features of built-in navigation systems may have your phone's navigation system beat.

Plus, you no longer need to have one hand on the wheel and one hand holding your phone with in-car navigation. With the display set into the dashboard, you can keep two hands on the wheel and focus more on the road and enjoy the view.

Calling with a Built-In Hands-Free System

Consider high-tech navigation systems from Toyota. These navigation systems come with features that keep you connected while on the go. For instance, when it comes to hands-free calling, you have options. If you want to make a hands-free call, you just need to say the contact name or number that you want to call.

If your Toyota is equipped with a Dynamic Navigation system, you can connect the in-car navigation features to your phone. You can use your smartphone’s internet connection and data plan to stay connected with hands-free calling while on the go. Or, you can use Bluetooth® for hands-free calling.

Voice Navigation System

For the ultimate hands-free driving experience, systems like Toyota’s in-car voice navigation system have many benefits.

With built-in navigation systems that have a voice recognition feature once on the road, you can find destinations without ever looking away from the road. You can also use this system to go beyond the basics of navigation. It allows you to search for points of interest along your journey. You can also find new points of interest when you've reached your final destination.

Depending on the system, there are some additional safety features that may be embedded into its functionality. Some of Toyota’s navigation car systems may have features that are not operable while driving to help keep you focused on the road.

For example, some navigation features such as screen buttons may have their lights dimmed while you are driving. This built-in feature makes driving with tech safe by helping you to not be distracted by a brighter than needed screen. Some other navigation functions are made to be completely inoperable while driving to help eradicate distractions.

The Convenience of a Car Navigation System

To stay both connected and safe on the road, consider Toyota’s calling features.

These features have many useful advantages:

  • It allows you to make hands-free calls so you can focus on driving.
  • Voice navigation enables you to navigate safely with your eyes on the road.
  • GPS is stronger with this system than on most phones.
  • Navigation can help assist you in finding additional pit stops on your journey to enjoy and refresh.

If you own a Toyota, don’t forget to register for a Toyota Owner’s account. It is a convenient source for all things Toyota. You can find the answers to many questions you may have about Toyota’s navigation systems as well as information about useful features.