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New Cars Under $25,000 from Toyota

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$34,685 as shown1
$25,400 starting msrp1
$34,685 as shown
18/22 est. mpg2
The Tacoma pickup truck was built for the endless weekend. This truck combines toughness and modern tech into an unstoppable package, and the SR starts under $25,000.
$32,115 as shown1
$23,475 starting msrp1
$32,115 as shown
54/50 est. mpg2
The Prius Two combines stylish design with innovative features and true fuel efficiency for a car that’s unlike any other, and is available for less than $25,000.
$29,545 as shown1
$24,660 starting msrp1
$29,545 as shown
23/30 est. mpg2
The 2018 RAV4 crossover is the right choice for any adventure with room for your friends and cargo. Venture out in style with a new RAV4 LE starting at just under $25,000.
$18,260 as shown1
$15,635 starting msrp1
$18,260 as shown
30/36 est. mpg2
Explore your world in the sporty Yaris. The Yaris comes in five trims, all priced under $25,000.
$17,050 as shown1
Yaris iA
$15,950 starting msrp1
$17,050 as shown
32/40 est. mpg2
Get unmistakable style and advanced technology with the all new Yaris iA, starting at $15,950.
$22,080 as shown1
$18,600 starting msrp1
$22,080 as shown
28/36 est. mpg2
Available in seven trims, all priced under $25,000, Corolla delivers on a fun and efficient ride while offering the reliability you expect from a Toyota.
$19,985 as shown1
Corolla iM
$18,850 starting msrp1
$19,985 as shown
27/35 est. mpg2
Aggressively practical, the Corolla iM is loaded with style and technology at an affordable price. Corolla iM starts at $18,750.