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2017 New Toyota Compact & Subcompact Cars

Get behind the wheel of a new Toyota compact car and discover the best small car for your lifestyle. Toyota Yaris is a subcompact car that has a spirited performance and great gas mileage, virtually everything you need to get around in style. The new Corolla may be a compact car, but it’s easy to get comfortable in its well-crafted interior. Get to know Prius, the hybrid that made hybrids famous, as well as the entire Prius family. Browse compact and subcompact cars from Toyota and find one that fits your lifestyle.

$18,395 as shown1
$15,250 starting msrp1
$18,395 as shown
30/36 est. mpg2
The subcompact Yaris is offered in a 3 or 5-door hatchback, with room for all of your friends.
$21,980 as shown1
$18,500 starting msrp1
$21,980 as shown
28/36 est. mpg2
Corolla is a compact car known for Toyota quality and real value. All five trim levels offer a smooth, quiet ride.
$25,265 as shown1
Prius c
$20,150 starting msrp1
$25,265 as shown
48/43 est. mpg2
With its city-friendly size and an EPA-estimated 53 city mpg rating, the hybrid hatchback car, offers the highest city mpg of any vehicle without a plug.
$15,950 as shown1
Yaris iA
$15,950 starting msrp1
$15,950 as shown
30/39 est. mpg2
With its standard, versatile 60/40 split fold-down rear seat, you'll be packing more in your Yaris iA sedan than you thought possible.
$18,750 as shown1
Corolla iM
$18,750 starting msrp1
$18,750 as shown
27/35 est. mpg2
Smooth in the city and agile on those mountain roads, the Corolla iM hatchback car, is truly ready for it all.
$32,115 as shown1
$23,475 starting msrp1
$32,115 as shown
54/50 est. mpg2
Drive more. Fill up less. With the hybrid that started it all, you’ll get a compact car with great gas mileage, innovative technology and room for everyone.