The Future Is Beyond Zero.

Introducing the Toyota bZ4X Concept. An all-new, all-electric way of thinking to help bring us closer to a cleaner, more sustainable future. The bold, provocative exterior of this SUV blends modern form with undeniable presence and is sure to keep you shining bright among the city lights. Inside, a panoramic roof enhances the feeling of space, while its intuitive technologies and comfort features effortlessly put you at ease for every drive.


But the Toyota bZ4X Concept is more than expressive styling and intelligent convenience; it also symbolizes our commitment to push things further and go "Beyond Zero." It's the next step in our electrification journey, and we believe that we can progress toward a world that surpasses zero emissions. To not only reduce our environmental footprint to zero, but to go beyond and create a net positive impact. It's by working together that we can ultimately do good for our planet, our society and our future.

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