All-Electric and Hybrid Battery Warranty

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Hybrid Battery Warranty

10 Years / 150,000 Miles

whichever comes first

EV Drive Components Warranty

8 Years / 100,000 Miles

whichever comes first

Includes Traction Battery remaining below 70% of original capacity, Transaxle, Inverter with Converter

Understanding the EV Battery Life Cycle

We're designing a closed-loop system to help maximize sustainability. Here's how it will work.

First Use

The battery begins life inside a Toyota vehicle, but since it can outlive the life of that vehicle, it can extend its value while also decreasing its impact to the environment. So, at the end of its first use, it’s tested to determine where it should go next: to be either repurposed or reused, or sent straight to recycling if necessary.


Be in the Know About EV Batteries

How long does an EV battery last?

An EV battery’s lifespan varies based on a number of factors. Typically, the batteries are designed to last the average life of the vehicle, if properly maintained. Generally, you can expect an EV battery to perform well throughout the vehicle’s life cycle.

What can I expect from battery range?

Like with gasoline vehicles, the driving range of an all-electric vehicle will vary depending on variables like outside temperature, driving style and speed, road conditions, tire pressure, A/C use, and more.

How do you maintain an EV battery?

Generally, battery performance degrades over time and use; however, there are a number of things you can do to help maintain an EV battery and lengthen its lifespan. Try to steer clear of extended exposure to extreme heat or extreme cold. Also note that charging to full can potentially strain an EV battery.


Does the warranty apply to batteries?

Toyota offers BEV battery warranty coverage for 8 years, or 100K miles, whichever comes first. In addition to providing for a fully functional battery, the warranty also protects against abnormal loss of capacity, providing for a minimum of 70% of original BEV battery capacity. View the Toyota warranty page for more information.

I’ve heard DC Fast Chargers damage EV batteries. Is that true?

Excessive use of DC Fast Charging can lessen the lifespan of EV batteries over time. We recommend DC Fast Charging be limited to twice daily. Also, we recommend Level 2 charging when temperatures are at or below freezing. Learn more about DC Fast Chargers versus Level 2 chargers at Toyota’s charging page.

How do EVs fit into Toyota’s environmental vision?

Toyota’s immediate goal is to reduce CO2 emissions from the entire vehicle life cycle by 18 percent by 2025 (compared to 2013 levels) and by 25 percent by 2030, as part of the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050.

What does it mean if a battery “dies”?

When a battery “dies,” it can sometimes simply refer to it being out of charge, but it can also mean it is no longer functional. This can be due to internal failure (this would throw a diagnostic trouble code), or because it has degraded to the point of losing a significant portion of its energy-storing capacity.

How can a “dead” battery be REPURPOSED?

When an EV battery can no longer power a vehicle, it can be combined with other batteries to be installed into a non-automotive application—we call this repurposing. As an example, a group of repurposed batteries can be used as a secondary storage bank, which then gets used to power a house or hospital, or for another non-automotive purpose.

Can a ”dead” EV battery be REUSED?

Yes. If an EV battery cannot be repaired, its functional components are removed, tested and reassembled into a remanufactured EV battery, so it can be used again as a certified pre-owned Toyota product.

Does Toyota recycle its batteries?

Batteries can be broken down by extracting raw materials that can make their way back into the manufacturing process. Toyota is pursuing a closed-loop battery ecosystem that includes reusing, remanufacturing and recycling based on the condition of the batteries. Toyota is committed to keeping batteries out of landfills whenever possible.

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