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Easily connect to your friends and favorite apps wherever you go.
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Exclusively on the 2018 Camry and 2018 Sienna.
Exclusively on the 2018 Camry and 2018 Sienna.

Why Entune?

Complimentary Subscription

Complimentary access to apps and data services for all new Toyota vehicles equipped with the available Entune® App Suite.

More Apps

Access your playlist, plan your night out and more with the available Entune® App Suite.

Advanced Voice Recognition

You ask. Entune listens. Hands-free controls add convenience to your drive.

Smarter Directions

Explore more. The available Entune App Suite and navigation systems are ready to help you find your way.
Available on 2018 Camry and 2018 Sienna
The 2018 Toyota Camry and 2018 Sienna introduce the Entune 3.0 [entune_3] multimedia system, which provides an instant upgrade to connectivity and infotainment. Enjoy a trial period before selecting a subscription. To learn more about Entune 3.0's features and trials, click below.

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Hands-Free Calling

When you pair a compatible Bluetooth® phone to the powerful Entune system, you can simply press the voice-command button on the steering wheel to easily make hands-free calls.

Music Streaming

Never miss a beat. Entune systems let you wirelessly pair your compatible MP3/WMA-capable smartphone, making it easy to listen to your playlists through your Toyota's sound system.

Siri® Eyes Free

Talk to Siri® without ever looking down at your phone. Siri® Eyes Free allows you to perform Siri® commands in your car using your compatible iPhone®. To activate this feature, just press and hold the phone off-hook button on the steering wheel and wait for the beep.
Integrated Navigation

Integrated Navigation

The available Entune Premium systems with Integrated Navigation and App Suite are ready to help show you the way. Their easy-to-read navigation display provides clearly marked directions and can provide real-time traffic updates. Streamlined address input via voice recognition makes it easier for you to find your favorite spots, helping you stay focused on your drive.



Get fewer surprises on your drive with available real-time traffic monitoring, powered by HD Radio. This smart technology shows you the current traffic flow in your area. With the predictive traffic feature, you can receive help on when is the best time to start your route. Available Entune Premium Audio systems with Integrated Navigation can automatically use this information to help find a more efficient route, and let you know when you’ll arrive at your destination.

Streamlined Address Input

Streamlined Address Input

Just say the address you’re looking for, and the available Entune navigation system will help you find it. You can program and store your favorite destinations, and the system will even save previously searched for locations automatically—helping you get to the fun even faster.

Entune® App Suite
Discover what's possible

Access More Music

Stream music from your favorite music apps, including iHeartRadio, Pandora® and Slacker Radio.

Check Local Traffic

Entune can help you find your way with updated traffic reports powered by HD Radio.

Check Local Weather

Feel confident all year round. Updated weather services powered by HD Radio help keep you prepared.

Find and Compare Fuel Prices

Pay less at the pump. Up-to-date data helps you find the best deal on gas in your area (fuel prices not available on Mirai).

Make reservations and Buy Movie Tickets

Dinner and a movie? Entune® App Suite has the apps to help you plan the perfect night every time.

Find Business with Voice Search

Say it. Find it. It’s that easy. Use your voice to access apps like Yelp® and Destination Search.

At Toyota, we care about your privacy. Learn more about our personal and vehicle data privacy practices.

Scout® GPS Link App is a cell phone-based navigation app that will overlay turn-by-turn directions on the Entune Audio Plus systems display screen. Entune Audio Plus systems are not available on all Toyota vehicles.

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All new and certified pre-owned Toyota vehicles come with a 3-month SiriusXM All Access trial subscription. Rock every channel available in your car, including all of the premium programming. That’s right. Three glorious months of commercial-free music, plus sports, news, talk and comedy – and the occasional air drum solo.

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Get more channels and variety in crystal-clear digital sound—all 100% subscription-free. HD Radio Technology is available in 2016 and newer Toyota vehicles and offers more content than the radio dial.

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When you're listening on an available JBL® system, the sound is consistently exceptional no matter the input source. It's just what you'd expect from 7 to 15 speakers and a stand-alone amp fine-tuned to match your Toyota's individual acoustics.

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See which Entune systems are available on each Toyota vehicle.

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Available Premium JBL® Audio

JBL® and Toyota

JBL® and Toyota engineers work together during the early stages of vehicle design, selecting and placing each speaker and fine-tuning the signal processing to reflect the interior acoustics in a custom blend of art and science. Hundreds of hours are spent making precision adjustments to each JBL® Toyota audio system, all for a single reason—sound that will blow you away every time you drive.

GreenEdge Technology

Innovative GreenEdge technologies save weight, reduce heat and use far less electrical energy than conventional speakers. You get loud, clear, precise sound with 90% amp efficiency. Others are definitely envious, but only JBL® is green. Available on select Toyota vehicles.

Surround Sound

JBL® Premium Surround Sound uses proprietary software to entertain everyone in the car, from the driver to the rear-seat passengers, with the same powerful musical experience. Available on select Toyota vehicles.

Scout® GPS Link App

What is it?

Scout® is a smartphone-based navigation app that gives you turn-by-turn directions through your Entune Audio Plus system.

How does it work?

Once you’ve downloaded the Scout® GPS Link App to your Entune Audio Plus system using your compatible smartphone and paired your smartphone to your Entune Audio Plus system via Bluetooth®, you are ready to go. This app then finds your location using your smartphone and delivers turn-by-turn directions through your Entune system.

How do I get it?

If you have a 2016 or later Entune Audio Plus system, all you need to do is download the Scout® GPS Link App to your phone your vehicle. After Scout® GPS Link App is installed on your Entune Audio Plus system, it will appear on the APPS screen.

Key Functions of Scout® GPS Link App

Program Home and Work

Scout® GPS remembers where you live and where you work. All you have to do is set your home and work addresses one time. Once set, you just press the home or work button, and you’ll get directions to that location, with an estimated time of arrival based on current traffic.

Destination Suggestions

Finding your destination is easy with Scout® GPS. Based on the first letters and numbers you type and your current location, Scout® GPS automatically suggests addresses and points of interest. All you have to do is select the correct location from the suggested destinations, and you’ll get directions.


Getting there is even easier. Just say or type the address you would like to go to and Scout® GPS will give you up to three routes to choose from. Once you’ve selected your route, you will get turn-by-turn directions displayed on your vehicle's touch-screen display and through audio commands.

Voice Search

You can search for your destination hands-free by pressing the talk button on the steering wheel. Simply say the name, category or address and then follow the voice prompts to select your location and receive turn-by-turn directions.

Local radio. Now digital.

Digital AM & FM Radio

HD Radio stations upgrade the traditional radio experience with crystal-clear sound and album art. Plus, get access to digital-only channels for even more content. Get it all without a subscription or monthly fees.

Album artwork courtesy of Nettwerk Records


HD2/HD3 Stations

More music, news and sports—100% subscription-free. There are more than 2,100 HD Radio stations nationwide for your listening pleasure. These stations have also added over 1,700 new HD2/HD3 channels to their local markets, giving you more variety on your FM dial.

Album artwork courtesy of Nettwerk Records


Traffic and Weather

Subscription-free HD Radio Traffic and Weather deliver real-time, easy-to-use information to help make your trip go smoothly. HD Radio Traffic keeps you informed on the road with more in-depth traffic and travel conditions. HD Radio Weather gives you real-time weather forecasts. (Integrated Navigation is only available on Entune Premium Audio systems.)

Give SiriusXM a try—for three glorious months.

Let's ride.

All new Toyota vehicles come with a 3-month SiriusXM All Access trial subscription. Rock every channel available in your car, including all of the premium programming. That's right. Three glorious months of commercial-free music, plus sports, news, talk and comedy – and the occasional air drum solo.


Nowhere is off limits.

Since streaming is also included with All Access, SiriusXM is off-road equipped. So now you can listen anywhere through your computer, smartphone and tablet. You can even listen to shows on demand and customize your favorite music and comedy channels.

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Exclusive access to epic events.

Take a peek at what you’ll get with SiriusXM. Watch exclusive live performances and interviews with the hottest artists and celebrities from our studios.

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Entune 3.0 [entune_3] App Suite

Entune 3.0 App Suite offers access to mobile applications through your vehicle's center console display. Apps can be selected using touch or voice recognition, adding to the ease of operation.

Safety Connect® [safety_connect]

Whether you're involved in an accident, your vehicle is stolen, or the unexpected occurs, assistance can be sent directly to your vehicle's GPS location.

Service Connect [service_connect]

Keeping up with your vehicle's health has never been easier. Get updates on everything from fuel level and mileage to maintenance alerts and more via email or the mobile app. (Not available on 2018 Sienna or 2018 Mirai.)

Remote Connect [remote_connect]

The Toyota Entune 3.0 Remote Connect mobile app lets you lock and unlock doors, start the engine, find your vehicle in a parking lot and monitor guest drivers. (Not available on 2018 Sienna or 2018 Mirai. Remote Connect Authorization icon on 2018 Sienna touch-screen is not active.)

Wi-Fi Connect Powered by Verizon [wi_fi]

You can easily connect up to five devices to Wi-Fi Connect Powered by Verizon by using the in-vehicle 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot.

Destination Assist Connect

Get directions and destinations delivered by a real person with 24-hour, en-route navigation assistance.

Dynamic Navigation [dyn_nav]

Dynamic Navigation provides you with the most up-to-date map data, routes and POI on its embedded system. Currently available with Entune 3.0 Premium Audio.

Connected Navigation [scout]

Scout® GPS Link App provides you with a full in-car navigation experience that's powered by your phone. Featured on Entune 3.0 Audio and Entune 3.0 Audio Plus.

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Your Privacy is important to us. View our personal and vehicle data privacy practices here.