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Voice Recognition

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Voice Recognition Overview

Toyota Display Audio with Entune® App Suite features voice recognition that controls many aspects of the audio, navigation and phone.

Voice recognition commands power the following multimedia functions:

  • Phone
  • Navigation
  • Media

Note: "Press" refers to a physical button on your phone or the multimedia system faceplate. "Touch" refers to a button, command or menu drawn on the display touch-screen.

Press the speaker icon at the top of the screen to adjust the volume up or down.

Phone Voice Recognition

Bluetooth®-capable smartphone must be paired and connected before using the voice recognition feature. To pair your phone for voice recognition, please visit Pair a Phone.

  1. Press the  button on the steering wheel.
  2. A list of voice help command categories will appear on the screen to choose from
  3. Select a command
  4. To place a call, say "Call" or "Dial"
  5. A voice prompt will ask if you would like to call by name, phone number, dial by number or redial
  6. Select how you would like to place the call
  7. Say the number you are calling
  8. Say "Dial"
  9. Touch "End Call"

One-Shot Phone Dialing

The Display Audio multimedia system uses voice recognition that allows you to input phone call information in one sentence. First-time users must sync their phonebook to the system.

  1. Press SETUP on faceplate
  2. Touch Phone
  3. Touch Refresh Phone Book

Now your phonebook has been synced to the system.

  1. Press the  button on the steering wheel
  2. Say: "Call" or "Dial" (number); e.g., "Call 212-555-1212"
  3. You can also call from a name in your phonebook
  4. Say: "Call" or "Dial" (name); e.g., "Call David Smith"
  5. If there is more than one phone number for David Smith, a list of choices will appear on the touch-screen
  6. The voice prompt will ask you to choose a number selection to call. You can also say the selection type, such as “Mobile.”

To Hang Up or End Call

  1. To end a call, touch End Call on the screen
  2. Or push the phone hang-up button on the steering wheel to end the call

Navigation Voice Recognition One-Shot Navigation

Because the Toyota multimedia system uses advanced voice recognition, you can input navigation  directions in one sentence.

  1. Press the  button on the steering wheel
  2. After prompt, without pausing, say "Destination," followed by the building number, street name, city and state
  3. System will pause and analyze the speech input
  4. System will read back the entire address, or it will list the possible streets that closely match the spoken command
  5. System will ask if you want to start route guidance

How do I know if my vehicle has voice recognition capabilities?

Please refer to your Toyota Owner's Manual to determine if your vehicle supports voice recognition. Voice recognition can be used by pressing the Push-To-Talk button on your vehicle's steering wheel. Advanced voice recognition is available on select model year 2014 and later Toyota vehicles with Entune Premium Audio or Entune Premium JBL® Audio, and can be used to operate most features within Entune® App Suite.

Does the voice recognition system on Entune audio systems recognize different languages?

Entune Audio, Entune Audio Plus and Entune Premium systems available on select model year 2014 and later vehicles can recognize English, Spanish and French once the language is changed in the system's setting. For drivers with accents in their speech, the Entune Audio, Entune Audio Plus and Entune Premium systems can now recognize different tonality, inflection points and accents. You can learn more through the use of the voice recognition training feature within the head unit. For other Toyota multimedia systems, please refer to your Toyota Owner's Manual to determine languages recognized by your system.

How do I know which commands to use to control a feature?

Advanced voice recognition can recognize a large variety of commands, and you can speak in a free-form sentence and still be understood. There is also a Hint Screen on your vehicle multimedia system that displays sample commands that can be spoken, depending on the feature that you are trying to operate.

How do I use the Push-To-Talk button on the steering wheel?

The Push-To-Talk (PTT) button on your steering wheel allows you to activate available voice recognition commands for your multimedia system. All you have to do is press the button and then give your voice command. For more information on how to use voice recognition and available voice commands, please refer to your Toyota Owner's Manual.

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