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Recently, OnStar® announced that they intend to sell their customer data. What is Toyota's policy regarding the selling of customer personally identifiable data?

Regarding Telematics services (Safety Connect®, Lexus Enform®, Toyota Entune® App Suite), Toyota does not sell customer personally identifiable data to any third party for their separate use. Customer data is only used to provide the specific services offered through the Toyota and Lexus Telematics products. Regarding any personally identifiable information received via, or other consumer-based websites owned and operated by Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., please refer to the privacy statements on the applicable website.

How secure is the system? Is it vulnerable to hacking?

The mobile app is secure, as it requires a connection back to Toyota servers. Anti-hacking measures beyond the app, such as on the handset, are outside of Toyota's control.

The security of the system is extremely important to us. We will not allow any apps to appear on the system that are not on the access control list. The system will not take/accept any apps that are not approved by Toyota's access control list. The system also uses IP security used for the Web today.

What is the risk of catching a virus during downloading of the mobile application?

In general, mobile phones are not targeted for viruses and malware the way personal computers are. Nevertheless, Toyota recommends downloading the Entune® App Suite app only from trusted sources to reduce any risk to the phone. Because Entune® App Suite is a closed system, there is no risk of a viral infection of the vehicle’s electronics.

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