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Meet Toyota Teammate™: a suite of driver-assistance technologies designed to provide increased confidence for your drive. The 2022 Mirai Limited features standard Advanced Park and available Advanced Drive, which uses an intelligent system of cameras, radar, and LiDAR. Toyota Teammate™ is ready to hit the road.

Advanced Drive

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Advanced Drive can support drivers on certain limited-access highways by detecting driving conditions and executing acceleration, braking and steering commands under active supervision of the driver.

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Hands-free driving is also possible under certain conditions with eyes-on-the-road operation confirmed by the driver monitor system.

Advanced Park

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Parking is now as simple as pressing a button. Just sit back, take your hands off the wheel and watch this advanced system work its magic.

Map Out Your Next Trip

Enter your location below to see what highways support Advanced Drive. Advanced Drive utilizes HD-mapping localization, which allows the system to anticipate the road ahead. The vehicle can also follow a navigation route set in Mirai’s audio multimedia system. Under certain conditions, like road construction, Advanced Drive is designed to prompt the driver to take full control or will not initialize. Advanced Drive availability also may vary from map depending on HD-map update frequency and accuracy.


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Mapped Roadways

Explore how Toyota Teammate™ works.

Watch our Toyota Teammate™ videos or check out the Mirai manuals to learn more about this
advanced suite of driver-assistance technologies.

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Limited shown in Oxygen White with available Toyota Teammate™ Package. Prototype vehicle shown with options using visual effects.