A cleaner way to recharge

Toyota's range of available Connected Services[2] just got even better with the addition of Clean Assist[1] Click below to find out how this new EV charging program can benefit you. Visit the App Store℠ or Google Play App Store to download the free Toyota App. 

What is Clean Assist [1]

Clean Assist [1] is a program designed to enhance the ownership experience of select Toyota plug-in hybrid models, minimizing their environmental impact by allowing you to get 100% of your charge matched up with renewable electricity—wherever and whenever.

How does Clean Assist work?[1]

Centered around Renewable Energy

Clean Assist[1] uses Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), verifying the energy you use is from a renewable resource with no emissions. By enrolling your Toyota, you help contribute to the renewable energy market and a cleaner Earth!"

Toyota purchases the RECs

Toyota purchases the equivalent RECs to match the amount of energy charged, then retires these RECs with the REC certification agency to account that this amount of renewable electricity has been consumed by a Toyota customer’s EV that charged using Clean Assist. [1]

Toyota provides this data

Additionally, Toyota provides this data—the amount of renewable electricity used—to the California Air Resources Board (CARB), which results in Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits that can be sold. The proceeds from this are then reinvested in promoting electric vehicles through marketing, education, charging and more.