Kick sensor is unavailable for this model.

Please see your Owner's Manual for details

Kick sensor is currently available only for 2021 Sienna, 2021 Venza, 2021 Highlander and 2017-2021 RAV4.

Toyota Kick Sensor


With Toyota Kick Sensor, you can open your vehicle with just a kick of the foot. No more fumbling around for keys: As long as you've got your Smart Key on you, you can easily open the rear liftgate (and the side sliding doors on the Sienna) with your hands full.

written instructions


Ensure your key fob is within range of the vehicle

In order for the rear door to open, the keyless entry device must be within a range of the vehicle's sensor. However, there's no need to remove the fob from your pocket or purse.


Kick your foot gently under the center of the car

Kick your foot directly under the sensor without touching the vehicle. On 2023 models and newer, this should be accompanied by two quick beeps. The first is for when the sensor recognizes the foot, while the second beep occurs once the liftgate starts to open by itself! Sienna only: To open either of the sliding side doors, find the sensor icon on the side sill and kick your foot under it.


Step away from the rear of the vehicle

Remain cautious of the door opening in front of you. Keep your head and limbs far enough away from the vehicle to prevent injury during this process. Also, ensure that other passengers are clear of the door before attempting to open it.


Repeat step two to close the door

When you're ready to close the trunk, simply repeat step two by kicking your foot under the center of the car.

Kick sensor is not compatible with tow hitch and other accessories that mount to or near the rear bumper. Selection of Genuine Toyota Tow Package will remove the hands-free foot-activated rear power liftgate function. Selection of the Genuine Toyota tow hitch will require removing or disabling the kick sensor, and the sensor operation setting in your vehicle should be turned off. Water, weather, dirt and other conditions also may cause the sensor to not operate properly or to operate unintentionally. See Owner's Manual for limitations.