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Safety Connect® helps after an emergency. Drivers can be connected to our 24/7 response center at the touch of a button. In case of an accident, Safety Connect® is like an added safety net. This service helps provide quick response and care from emergency service providers.

Safety Connect® availability varies per equipped model. Not available on vehicles manufactured prior to fall 2009.

Safety Connect® includes the following four safety and security features. Subscription required.

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Emergency Assistance

A Helping Hand When You Need It.
This is an in-vehicle button drivers can push in the event of an emergency. 24/7 response center assistance agents can dispatch the necessary emergency services to the vehicle's location in case of a medical or other emergency on the road.

Stolen Vehicle Locator

Your Partner Against Crime.
Safety Connect® helps provide increased vehicle security and makes vehicles less desirable to thieves. In the event that an enrolled vehicle is stolen, once a police report is filed and the 24/7 response center is notified by the vehicle's owner, our response center can assist the authorities in locating the vehicle using GPS technology. That means the vehicle is more likely to be recovered quickly, which may help minimize damage.

Roadside Assistance

Let Us Get You Moving Again.
The 24/7 Safety Connect® response center is available for roadside assistance via the SOS button. Drivers can receive aid for a wide range of needs, such as towing, jump starts, flat tires, and emergency fuel delivery. Safety Connect® helps alleviate the need for additional membership organizations for roadside help.

Automatic Collision Notification

We Can Call For Help If You Can't.
In case of an airbag deployment or a severe rear-end collision, the response center will automatically be notified. The 24/7 response center agent will attempt to speak with the vehicle's occupants and can notify local emergency services of the situation, requesting dispatch of emergency services to the vehicle's location.
In-Annual Subscription Fee: $80.00 or Monthly Subscription Fee: $8.00
Subscriptions can be customized to vehicle purchase or lease terms
Subscription Renewals
A complimentary trial subscription is included with the purchase of new Safety Connect®-equipped vehicles model year 2010 or later. Upon expiration of the trial, a paid subscription is required to continue services.
Paid subscriptions required to extend services to noncertified or certified used vehicles.
Paid annual and multiyear subscriptions may be canceled at any time for prorated refunds by calling 1-800-331-4331.

Safety Connect® availability varies per equipped model. Not available on vehicles manufactured prior to fall 2009.