2023 bZ4X

Limited shown in Heavy Metal with Black roof. Prototype vehicle shown with options using visual effects.

Take charge of the future.

Introducing the all-new, all-electric bZ4X. The inspiring innovation of this modern SUV does more than help us imagine a better future; it puts it within reach. As the next step in our electrification journey, bZ4X is leading us toward a future that is "Beyond Zero." This means not only reducing our carbon footprint to zero, but also going beyond, to create a net positive impact.


Electrifying Design

More than environmentally conscious, bZ4X makes an impact with its striking design. Sleek lines and available 20-in. wheels do more than accentuate its powerful SUV stance—they command your attention.


Intuitive Experience

A sleek 12.3-in. Toyota Audio Multimedia touchscreen display puts all your system’s controls within reach. And with standard wireless Apple CarPlay® compatibility and Android Auto™ connectivity, bZ4X makes your drives all about you.


Plug and Play

Even with a cleaner future in mind, bZ4X delivers the thrill of electric power. With a manufacturer-estimated driving range of up to 250 miles, you can enjoy the fun of electric driving with a lighter conscience.

EV Benefits

Drive Experience

Drive Experience

Feel the smooth acceleration, instant torque delivery and quiet drive—all advantages of the electric motor over an internal combustion engine.
Environmental Benefits

Environmental Benefits

Reducing CO2 emissions by going fully electric is one way we can lessen our impact on the environment.
Potential Savings

Potential Savings

bZ4X will bring about potential Federal and State incentives. Preliminary expectations include a lower cost of ownership, including overall service and maintenance costs.

Home Charging Convenience

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Home Charging Convenience

It doesn’t get more convenient than plugging in at home. The ease and simplicity of owning an EV includes never having to stop at a gas station again. The available Level 2 chargers make use of 240 volts to charge, which helps provide quicker charging times for you and your bZ4X.

Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050

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Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050

Learn more about the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050.

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