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5 Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage from Your Rental Car

Whether you're on vacation, on a business trip or just need to rent a car while yours is in the shop, no one wants to spend more on gas than they have to. But while you can rent a more fuel-efficient compact vehicle, sometimes you need a little extra room for your passengers and your gear. Fortunately, no matter what you're driving, you can actually save money on gas simply by changing the way you drive. So, next time you get behind the wheel of your own vehicle, or a rental car, keep these 5 simple ways to get better gas mileage in mind:

  1. Obey the speed limit. Not only can this tip help you avoid tickets and stay safer on the road, but it can also help you save on gas. According to, a vehicle's MPGs often typically decrease after 50mph. Depending on your vehicle, this tip on how to improve gas mileage can help you save an equivalent of 25 to 51 cents per gallon.
  2. Unload your baggage. For every 100 pounds carried inside or on top of your vehicle, you'll lower your car's fuel efficiency by as much as 2%, so be sure to unload all of your bags and your gear when you get to your home base.
  3. Be respectful behind the wheel. One of the best tips on how to get better gas mileage is also a great tip for just about every other scenario life has in store for you: be mindful. In the case of fuel efficiency, though – it can have a real payoff at the pump. According to, if you drive aggressively, braking and accelerating quickly, you risk reducing your car's fuel efficiency by up to 33%, so if you just drive politely, you can save plenty (of money – and frustration).
  4. Avoid congested times and places. Vacationers often have more flexible schedules, so take advantage of that when you can. By planning to drive when the roads are less busy, you can reduce your time on the road, reduce your time spent idling and improve your MPGs.
  5. Check your tire pressure. If you're taking a long road trip, be sure to check your tire pressure every few hundred miles. After all, for every 1 psi drop in pressure (in all 4 tires), your gas mileage will be reduced by approximately 0.3%. Therefore, simply by keeping your tires properly inflated, you can improve your MPGs by as much as 3%.