Innovative Safety Features

Active Safety Technologies

Collisions that result in serious injury are often caused by the delay in a driver’s recognition of the situation and their ability to react accordingly. We’ve developed Active Safety Technologies to help make our drivers aware of the hazards of the road and bring them one step closer to avoiding crashes altogether.

Toyota Safety SenseTM is packed with active safety features and is designed to help protect you and your passengers.

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Safety Research

Let's move towards a safer world

When opposing forces connect, it’s a collision. But when forces work together, that’s collaboration. Knowing that when good ideas are shared, great things happen, we created the Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC) in 2011.

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the CSRC is a consortium of some of the brightest minds in a range of fields working with universities, hospitals and other institutions to advance traffic safety for the industry and society.  CSRC has received $85 million over its first 10 years for foundational safety research, including the factors that lead to distracted driving and the development of tools and testing procedures related to the efficacy of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Since its inception, CSRC has completed 85 research projects with more than 30 different institutions, published over 260 research papers and engaged more than 300 researchers, who have publicly shared the output globally. The projects have made meaningful contributions to help advance research and technology for the safe integration of future mobility solutions for all.

CSRC is now examining the diversity of safety needs and analyzing safe mobility options that accommodate a variety of applications, physical characteristics and levels of accessibility for people and society.

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Safety Education



The most important safety feature of any car is the one located behind the wheel: the driver. That's why we created our Go Safely initiative — a variety of safety education programs that help develop better drivers of all ages.

The first year after a teen gets their license will be one of the most dangerous of their life. So we developed extensive programs to educate teen drivers and their parents. We’ve also worked with organizations like the AARP to create specially designed programs for adults. After all, we believe that a well-educated driver is a safe driver.

Child in car seat,Child in car seat


When research showed that three out of every four child car seats were being installed incorrectly, we had to respond. Partnering with experts at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, we helped create Buckle Up for Life, a program that educated the entire family on critical behaviors—like always buckling up, and how to install a car seat the right way.

This program has produced real results—in one city alone, proper use of child car seats by program participants nearly tripled. Even better, the program has now expanded to cities all across the U.S. That’s a lot of families riding more safely.

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Helping to make the roads we all share safe for drivers of all ages. It’s why we’re proud sponsors of AARP’s Driver Safety Program, the nation’s first and largest driver safety course designed specifically for drivers age 50 and over.

Every year, thousands of mature drivers participate in the program both online and in classrooms in all 50 states to keep their driving skills sharp and up-to-date and usually are rewarded with a reduced rate on their insurance. And that’s a good thing. Because the better we all drive, the more safe we all are.

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Advancements in safety research are too important not to share. Along with continually searching for ways to make safe vehicles, we look to apply our safety insights for the benefit of everyone. And a big part of this commitment is our Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC). It’s a state-of-the-art facility that makes our knowledge and our technology readily available to researchers from major universities and safety institutes—and even other companies in the automotive industry. One current focus at CSRC is to find ways we can help make cars safe for people at each stage of life—from infants, to teens, to mature drivers. Creating safe cars is a good thing. Creating a safe society, even better.

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