Let's Go Places

We’re in the business of making great cars and trucks. But we also work every day to apply and share our know-how in ways that benefit people, the community, and our planet in order to build a better tomorrow.



Toyota Effect

Our impact in action

Explore stories about Toyota’s work with our communities to create limitless possibilities for all.


Philosophy in Practice


Our purpose

We create vehicles by listening and responding to you. Why? Because it’s our belief that our cars should do more than help you go places on the road, they should also help you go places in life.


Built for how you live

We make vehicles that respond to, and anticipate, your needs for the way you live today — with advances in sustainable mobility and advanced safety technologies. Find out more about how our operations are improving the world we live in today and long into tomorrow.



Environmental leadership

There is only one planet Earth. Which is why we developed a line of vehicles that make the best possible use of our natural resources, and why we ensure that our facilities and plants minimize waste and energy while maximizing efficiency.



Helping make roadways safe

Safety may begin with the driver, but it certainly doesn’t end there. We're constantly innovating and researching ways to help prevent accidents from ever happening, as well as help protect those inside and outside of our vehicles in the unlikely event of an accident. Then we share our research and data with a variety of universities, government institutions and more to help make the roads safe for everyone.



Community partnership

Our commitment to our customers extends to giving back to the communities where we live, work and play. We’ve contributed nearly $1.1 billion in the U.S. over the past 60 years to support safety, education, and environmental initiatives across the U.S. since 1991. And, we share our production know-how with nonprofits and community partners from food banks to hospitals — to help them serve more people, more effectively.

Explore stories about Toyota’s community impact.

Our History

Where we’ve gone and where we’re going

Toyota has been a part of our world for over 75 years. Let’s visit some milestones.

Our Leadership

Meet the people who drive us forward

We build cars and trucks that help you and your family go places reliably and safely. And it's our people who power those vehicles. Meet the team leaders who live and work in the communities where you do.

The Toyota Way
The way we work,The way we work

The way we work

How do we create some of the most advanced, reliable and safe vehicles? It starts with our manufacturing principles and management philosophy. We’re always looking for ways to improve our operations, always challenging ourselves to innovate, always looking to collaborate, always improving each day in everything we do.

See Toyota’s Global Code of Conduct for more details