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Use Your VIN to Track Your Service History

See all service history performed on your vehicle by Toyota dealers simply by entering your VIN.

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You can also add your own service record with service you've performed or had done at a non-Toyota dealer.

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All your vehicle info is in one place. You will be able to print service history, get directions to your dealer and more!

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Schedule Service

Time for a tune-up? Schedule your service through an authorized Toyota dealer to keep all your service history in one place.

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Here's more detailed information about the service or repair you had done. The record is displayed as reported by the dealer. Please contact them directly with any questions.

Here's more information about the service or repair you took care of. The record is displayed as you reported it.

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Information Accuracy

Information presented on this website is summarized and standardized from repair orders completed at the time of service ..
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and submitted by Toyota dealers. When reviewing a vehicle's service history, please note that all information is provided by ...
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the Toyota dealership that conducted the service and that dealer is solely responsible for the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of any information contained in this site. Toyota provides this site and all information and materials contained herein "as is" without warranty of any kind. Any questions regarding your repair order information should be addressed to the applicable Toyota dealer.
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Owner-Reported Information

Dealer-reported service history records are linked to a vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). All owner-reported ...
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service history records will be made available to the person who input the information on the site but will not be shared with ...
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future owners of the vehicle.
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Owner-Reported Information and Privacy Terms

Toyota makes every effort to ensure the secure collection and transmission of sensitive user information using ...
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industry-accepted data collection and encryption methodologies. The information you provide is used by Toyota and its vendors and dealers to ...
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help improve the services we render. It is occasionally provided to Toyota dealers for their marketing use. Toyota will never sell your personally identifiable information to any other third party for their separate use. To learn more about our privacy policies and practices with respect to this website, please read our Privacy Policy.
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Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your Toyota can help you maintain performance and reliability. See your Toyota dealer for complete details ...
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on your vehicle's maintenance schedule and warranty coverage or refer to your Owner's Manual. We recommend having all ...
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maintenance performed by an authorized Toyota dealership service technician.
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Consumer Inquiries

For all general inquiries or comments regarding Service History, please contact Toyota directly by clicking here.