At Toyota Research and Development (R&D), we’re working to build a future where everyone has the freedom to move, with a focus on vehicle design and development, procurement, supplier engineering development, mobility, safety, and advanced research. Centered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Toyota R&D has some of the brightest thinkers from across America dedicated to building the future of mobility where everyone can live more safely and comfortably.


Advanced Mobility


The future of mobility starts here, with research 20+ years in the future. Advanced Mobility builds sustainable solutions, manufacturing and testing five vehicles a day in our prototype facility and translates this vision into an action plan with the Technical Strategy and Planning Office.


  • Integrated Vehicle Systems - within the Advanced Mobility team, this is a key area that is looking for the latest and greatest talent, including Software Engineers. As a product development group, Integrated Vehicle Systems (IVS) supports the full production cycle, from research to production follow-up, of driver assistance and driving automation systems. Through innovations like “Teammate” and other advanced safety technologies, the work performed by IVS has directly impacted vehicles operating on the road today to enhance mobility and help create a safer world.


Product Development Office (PDO)


PDO leads vehicle development for North American-designed vehicles through strong program management with a keen focus on customer preferences and trends.




The Powertrain team leads, designs and tests the powertrain functions of North American vehicles. Powertrain is preparing for the future of mobility through a variety of powertrain technology while maintaining Toyota competitiveness through quality combustion vehicle design.


Purchasing Supplier Development (PSD)


Comprised of Procurement and Supplier Development, PSD builds and maintains strong relationships with hundreds of suppliers to procure direct parts and materials for all North American-built vehicles and for North American indirect needs. Supplier Development engineers partner with suppliers for quality and timely part manufacturing.


Product Performance Engineering (PPE)


Our Materials Engineering group designs the raw materials used for vehicle production and partners closely with Performance Analysis and Evaluation to test the materials, strength and durability of these materials. Vehicle Performance Development conducts comprehensive research and evaluation of the vehicle, including suitability for North American customers. Quality Promotion advocates for its namesake internally and externally with support of field issues, warranty support and design quality.


Vehicle Development and Engineering (VDE)


VDE designs key vehicle components — electronics, body, and chassis — for all North American-built vehicles. VDE partners with functions across R&D to design parts that support the future of mobility.