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Four Door Sedans from Toyota

Transport the whole family in one of Toyota’s four door sedans. From the stylish Camry and the legendary Corolla to the ever-growing selection of hybrids including the Prius, Prius c, Prius v, Camry Hybrid, and Avalon Hybrid, browse Toyota’s extensive line up of four door sedans and find the perfect fit. Explore the affordable Yaris iA and the sporty Corolla iM, both new additions to the Toyota family.

$33,820 as shown1
$23,070 starting msrp1
$33,820 as shown
24/33 est. mpg2
The stylish Camry offers innovative technology that anticipates your needs.
$27,995 as shown1
Camry Hybrid
$26,790 starting msrp1
$27,995 as shown
42/38 est. mpg2
Camry Hybrid balances powerful performance with impressive fuel efficiency. This 4 door sedan gets an EPA-estimated 39 mpg on the highway.
$32,115 as shown1
$23,475 starting msrp1
$32,115 as shown
54/50 est. mpg2
Rethink the hybrid. Prius offers responsive handling and a smooth ride.
$37,700 as shown1
$33,300 starting msrp1
$37,700 as shown
21/30 est. mpg2
Avalon achieves powerful performance while maintaining an efficient engine with an EPA-estimated 31 mpg on the highway.
$42,600 as shown1
Avalon Hybrid
$37,300 starting msrp1
$42,600 as shown
40/39 est. mpg2
Stand out on any street in the Avalon Hybrid. This 4 door sedan exudes sophisticated confidence.
$21,980 as shown1
$18,500 starting msrp1
$21,980 as shown
28/36 est. mpg2
The fun and efficient Corolla is available in seven trims, all offering a smooth and quiet ride.
$15,950 as shown1
Yaris iA
$15,950 starting msrp1
$15,950 as shown
30/39 est. mpg2
The 4 door Yaris iA offers surprising technology and style at an affordable price.
$27,100 as shown1
Prius Prime
$27,100 starting msrp1
$27,100 as shown
54/133 est. mpg2
The Prius Prime is a 4 door sedan that comes in three trims: Plus, Premium, and Advanced.